Community Day School Network

Bylaws Of The Community Day School Network

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The name of this association shall be the Community Day School Network, with perpetual duration, and herein referred to as “CDS Network” or the acronym “CDSN”. The association may be affiliated with other associations on a state or national level provided that such associations, societies or organizations shall be engaged in activities of a nonprofit nature whose purpose, goals and activities are substantially similar to those of this Association. The only affiliation established at the time of this adoption is with the Learning Alternatives Resource Network, (LeARN), and the Coordinating Council of Alternative Education.


The mission of the Association shall be to create a supportive network committed to providing a quality education for all students. The CDSN is an active volunteer group of alternative education administrators, counselors, and teachers and support staff who work together to promote and develop quality Community Day School programs throughout the State of California. The CDSN shares ideas; creates solutions; works to bring about legislative change, and further the understanding of the importance of educational options in education.


The registered office of the CDSN shall be PO Box 503902, San Diego, CA, 92150. Headquarters shall be determined by the address of the current treasurer or executive office. CDSN may have such other offices, within the State of California, as the Executive Board may determine or as the affairs of the association may require from time to time.


Section 1: Definition

Where used herein, the following term has the following meaning: “Member in Good Standing” - a member who has paid the CDSN dues for the current membership year. These include those members listed as institutional members and all active members.

Section 2: Membership

A. Active Members
Active Members shall be those persons actively engaged in the activities of Community Day Schools or related educational activities and services and have paid dues for their current membership year. These members shall actively participate in the Association, have full voting rights, may serve on committees, be eligible for statewide awards, and hold elective and appointive offices when qualified as set forth in these Bylaws.
B. Institutional Members
Institutional Members shall be those persons that have current dues and are listed on the district/County roster of members submitted to the treasurer by the institution. Institutional Membership is limited to 5 persons per application. Institutional Members have all the same rights as Active Members.
C. Associate Members
These members may actively participate in the Association and may serve on committees but shall not have voting rights or hold elective office. They may be past or future dues paying members. They must be associated with, or in the planning stages of implementing, a Community Day School and subscribe to the Association's mission statement and goals. They are eligible for state awards.
D. Pre-professional Affiliates
Individuals enrolled in institutions of higher education who are considering a career in and related to alternative education. Pre-professional Affiliates would have the same rights as Associate Members.
E. Honorary Members
Honorary Members shall be those persons elected to that status by the Executive Board of the CDSN by reason of some outstanding or special service performed for this Association or Community Day Schools as a whole. The Board may bestow special membership privileges for Honorary Status. Honorary Members serve on standing committees, special committees and enjoy all other benefits of life membership without dues payment.
F. Life Members
All past presidents shall be honored with a life membership. The Awards Committee may also honor other past or present members with a life membership.

Section 3: Membership Year

The membership year of the CDSN shall be from January 1 - December 31.

Section 4: Membership Dues

The Board will determine the membership dues fee each year. Dues will be billed paid on an annual basis during the fiscal year as determined by the Executive Board of Directors. The annual dues will be built paid into the annual conference registration fee and considered active for a period of 12 months.

Section 5: Voting Rights

Only a current a Active or Institutional member of CDSN shall be entitled to vote, and then only if the member is in good standing at the time the matter is submitted to such vote. No proxy voting shall be recognized at the general membership, regional, or Executive Board level.

Section 6: Transfer of Membership

Membership in this association is not transferable or assignable except at the discretion of the Executive Board or its representative.


Section 1: Executive Officers

The Executive Officers of CDSN shall be a President, Past President, Vice-President, Secretary, Legislative Liaison, Treasurer and a California State Department of Education Liaison representative. In addition, at-large officers which will include Regional Directors shall be appointed by the Executive Officers to serve on the Executive Board. No officer other than the CDE Liaison shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive 2-year terms in the same office.

Section 2: Executive Board

The officers of CDSN shall collectively constitute the Executive Board, having the duties as hereinafter prescribed. The Executive Board shall have and exercise the authority of the management of the Association.

Section 3: Regional Groups

The Vice-President shall coordinate the Regional and Area Groups in CDSN. Each Group Region shall have an at-large officer to direct the activities of the Regional Area Groups within their region. There shall be a Southern, Central, and Northern Region. The Vice-President may amend the regional groupings with approval of the Executive Officers.

Section 4: Meetings

Meetings of the Executive Board shall be reported at the next regular meeting of the Association, posted on the website for members to review and distributed at all Regional Meetings. The Secretary of the organization will submit the minutes and decisions from all Executive Board meetings. A majority of members of the Executive Board must participate at the CDSN business meetings to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The Executive Board shall convene quarterly.

Section 5: Nominations for Office

The Executive Board shall appoint a Nominating Committee shall consist of the immediate Past President and a minimum of one other Executive Board member.. to receive nominations The Committee shall nominate of candidates for each office of CDSN other than Immediate Past President and President CDE Liaison. The President shall be nominated from among the current members of the Executive Board. Any person submitting a nomination for a candidate for a CDSN office must be an active a voting or member in good standing of CDSN for the current membership year. All nominations received shall be reported by the Nominating Committee at least 45 days prior to the first day of the conference, at which the election shall be held. shall be included by the Nominating Committee on the list of recommended candidates. Candidate qualifications will be distributed in the newsletter, the website and at the conference. Voting of non-conference attendees will be held 20 days before the conference.

Section 6: Qualifications for Nominees for State Office

The qualifications for nominees for state office are to be an active, institutional, or honorary member in good standing at the state and local levels for the immediate past year and to have served as an active member of a committee at the regional level or served as a member of a state committee.

Section 7: Creation of Offices

The President may create offices, with the approval of the Executive Board of Directors, as needed to further the business of CDSN.

Section 8: Removal of Officers

Any officer may be removed from office for cause by a majority vote of the member of the Executive Board present and voting at any Board Meeting. Causes for Removal are:
a. breach of the Educators' Code of Ethics found in the California State Credential Authority;
b. conflicts that are deemed by the Board to be detrimental to the Association;
c. non-participant; and failure to carry out assigned duties, and/or;
d. failure to disclose to or discuss with the Board any financial or questionable involvement an officer may have with funds of CDSN.

Section 9: Expense Reimbursement

Members of the Executive Board of Directors, with the exception of Board approved commitments, shall not receive any salary or compensation from CDSN but may be allowed reasonable and necessary committee type expenses incurred in performing duties assigned by the President or by the Executive Board of Directors. Whenever possible, CDSN will encourage districts/counties to partner with the association regarding expenses.

Section 10: Duties of Officers

A. President

The President shall
1) preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board;
2) be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominations and Elections Committee;
3) make all appointments of officers and committee chairs necessary to execute the business of the Association;
4) approve, with the Treasurer or Executive Director, expenses exceeding $300.
5) perform such other duties as may be directed by the Board.

B. Vice-President

The Vice-President shall
1) preside at all meetings in the absence of the President;
2) assume the office of President if the President is unable to complete the current term of office;
3) perform such other duties as may be directed by the President, or the Board;
4) oversee the duties of the Regional groups and their officers.

C. Past-President

The Past President shall
1) serve as consultant to the President;
2) assist with the development of the annual conference;
3) coordinate meetings for committee chairs;
4) coordinate the awards committee.
5) serves as Chair of Nominations Committee.

D. Secretary

The Secretary shall
1) be responsible for recording minutes of all meetings of the Association, the Annual Conference, and the Executive Board;
2) supply written minutes thereof within 15 days of said meeting;
3) maintain current rosters of the officers of the Association, standing committees, ad hoc committees, and committee chairs; and membership;
4) oversee the distribution of all notices as prescribed by these Bylaws;
5) oversee the direction of the Association newsletter website;
6) perform such other duties as may be directed by the President, or the Board.

E. Legislative Liaison

The Legislative Liaison shall
1) be responsible for coordinating the legislative activities of the Assoiciation;
2) provide legislative updates to the Association;
3) represent the Association in communications with legislative members, staff,and representatives of other associations with regard to legislation;
4) perform such other duties as may be directed by the President, or the Board.

F. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall
1) oversee the duties of the auditing and filing of state and federal tax documents;
2) have charge of funds and disbursements of this Association, under the supervision of the Executive Board and subject to approval of the Board .
3) be required to give bond, the cost of the bond to be paid by the Association;
4) keep an itemized account of all moneys received and disbursed, including per capita dues or assessments from members, conference, or other sources, and makes a report thereof with budget comparison at each Executive Board meeting;
5) make an annual budget report at the conference and annual meeting of CDSN;
6) with the President, approve expenditures over $300.
7) perform such other duties as may be directed by the President, or the Executive Board.v

G. California Department of Education (CDE) Liaison

The CDE Liaison shall
1) be responsible for coordinating access to the California State Department of Education;
2) provide governmental updates to the Association;
3) foster public relation activities between professional groups, the State Department and other associations;
4) establish professional development venues for CDSN personnel;v
5) promote membership via websites, advertising, conferences, newsletters and other activities in conjunction with the Vice-President / Public Relations representative / Website Coordinator.


As the Association continues to grow and prosper, an Executive Director or professional management firm may be contracted to work with the Executive Board of Directors in the management of CDSN. The Executive Director serves the membership in its entirety as directed by the Executive Board.


Section 1: Membership

Any member of the CDS Network State Association is automatically a member of a regional group. Other CDS associate members may be invited to participate in regional activities where space permits. Regional Directors will develop a plan for recruiting members in their regional area.

Section 2: Funding of Regional Groups

Each regional director shall submit be provided a yearly budget to by the Executive Board in support of regional activities at the annual statewide conference. Funds from the state association CDSN general fund will be budgeted upon approval of the Board. The treasurer of the CDS Network will give a progress budget report on the expenditures of the funds at each Executive Board meeting and the summer executive board annual general membership meeting.

Section 3: Dispersal of Funds

The Regional Directors will communicate with the CDS Network treasurer on all requests for expenditures related to the approved general plan submitted to the Executive Board. Money set aside for board approved budgeted classifications will be forwarded as soon as possible to the Regional Director or the payee. All financial records will be forwarded to the state association CDSN treasurer.


Section 1: Authority to Amend

These Bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed and new Bylaws may be adopted by a majority vote of the General Membership present at any annual meeting. All recommendations for bylaw changes must be submitted to the Board at least (75) days prior to the first day of the annual conference. Within (45) days of the conference a proposal with the intention to alter, amend or repeal these Bylaws will be sent to CDSN Members posted on the CDSN Website.


The rules contained in the current issue of Roberts' Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the proceedings of the CDSN in all cases in which they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws.

These Bylaws are CERTIFIED as the true and correct Bylaws of the COMMUNITY DAY SCHOOL NETWORK, as amended and adopted on January 15, 2008. This certification executed on the 15th day of January, 2008.